Fresh | Digital Design and Software Development in NYC | Team

Meet the Founding Team

Tina Israni

UX Designer / Product Strategist

Sunny Israni

Full Stack Developer / Ops Engineer

Managing Partner & Technical Lead

Sunny is a Founding Partner as well as the Technical Lead at Fresh. He is a seasoned developer who is passionate about good software design and architecture, and believes that the best software code should be expressive and can be easily articulated in the simplest of terms. He is well versed with many of the widely used languages and frameworks across Front End and Back End, and is now taking a keen interest in Machine Learning/Algorithmic Analysis. He has worked with firms like Kohler Power and Rag & Bone and has taught web development at General Assembly and DevBootcamp.

Entrepreneurship is second nature to Sunny, as he has also founded a men’s accessories retailer/subscription service, Zoraab, and a fashion sock brand, Mint Socks. With his companies being mentioned in the New York Times, Details Magazine and Nylon, to name a few, as well as experiencing double digit increases across their respective subscriber/customer bases, he is now in the process of grooming his companies to be sold.

In additon, Sunny has had a successful 6-year career on Wall Street working on the trading floor at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, while earning his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Designation. There, he assisted with P&L Computations for complex credit derivative instruments as well as technical automation for operational processes. He remains passionate about the financial markets and is excited about the possibilities when using technology to disrupt the financial services industry.

In another life, Sunny had a 5-year retail career holding managerial roles at various fashion boutiques such as Dolce and Gabanna, United Colors of Benetton and Banana Republic.

User Experience and Product Strategy

Tina is a seasoned UX/UI and Product Designer. She has worked with companies such as Mckinsey, Google and L’Oreal, in addition to numerous smaller startups across a large and broad spectrum of industries.

As an entrepreneur, Tina has a unique vantage point from a design perspective. She has founded 3 startups of her own and is often referred to as a Designpreneur. Her most recent projects include working with Google, as well as, the FDA. At Google, Tina worked on Primer, a mobile app which educates entrepreneurs on marketing principles.

Tina spends time educating and mentoring aspiring UX and product designers at General Assembly as well as through her own full service design and development studio, The Fresh.

Prior to this, Tina completed a successful career in Financial Services in Product Development and Strategy at JPMorgan and Credit Suisse.

Ricki S

Creative Director

Ricki has an analytical mind but the process of an event planner. She is able to juggle many people, and parts of the process having had the experience of working with top media companies, sports teams and fashion power houses.

Michaelle G

Technical Lead

Michaelle was a Math and Science Major at Stanford University. She launched many startups, and she loves learning new frameworks. She has many years of experience with Rails applications.

Justin B

UX Designer

Justin has been a User Experience Designer for the past 10 years, even before it was a thing. He has worked with both digital and physical product design at top design studios, but prefers lean teams.

Tammy H

UI Designer

Tammy has worked at firms like Conde Nast, NBC and ESPN. She studied Graphic Design and User Interface Design at Parsons and is now putting it into some serious practice.

Domenick J

Front End Developer

Domenick has worked with top tech companies like Salesforce and built web applications used by a million people. Domenick loves Javascript, and anything frontend with a cup of flat white.

Gemma L

Back End Developer

Gemma studied Physics at Tufts University. Gemma likes to use Python for data analysis and machine learning but typically uses Rails for everything in between.