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We are a different kind of agency.

We are a different kind of agency.

Our Evolution

At Fresh we believe in lean, flexible, focused ideating. Fresh evolved from the experience of two successful entrepreneurs who have created a unique process for product development from research to launch. (Hint: It involves a lot of collaboration)

Our humble beginnings

Sibling entrepreneurs began Fresh at a time they felt that the product strategy process needed to be more lean. Leveraging their business strategy backgrounds, mixed with a lean approach and well researched market, the MVP was always the guiding light. It is this mindset that allows Fresh to move so quickly.

Development and Design are mixed together, iterated together and blended together in our process like paint and a paintbrush. We optimize our development and design phase to be able to build, iterate, test and repeat. We believe in Agile, not Waterfall here.

Looking to the future

At Fresh we believe that as you sow so shall you reap. We have a responsibiity towards what we build and create in the world. We are inspired every single day by working with entrepreneurs and corporates seeking to build and better the world through technology.

Our Guiding Principle

"We are what we create..."

Driving Innovation Globally.

As creative developers, designers and strategists, it is our duty and responsbility to protect and improve the existence of the world. With every digital experience we create, we aim to uplift the human experience in the world through technology.

Bright Ideas for our Clients.

As with the world and humanity, so too with our clients. We hold ourselves accountable for the success of our clients. With very specific measures of their definition of success in mind, we are always results driven and create accordingly.

Lift as we Climb with our Team.

We are what we create and who we create it for, and to that end, whom we create it with. Our team culture is dynamic and iterative. We create to collaborate, to cross the boundaries of predefined roles to embrace all creativity.

We're all about those metrics...

Dry Earse Marker Depletion


Morning Dance Party Participation


Bubble Tea Consumption


Bow Tie Usage