Fresh | Digital Design and Software Development in NYC | Process

Let's begin an epic adventure.

As our client, you join our team.


Market Competition

We survey the competitive landscape as well as the overall market so can confidently make decisions throughout the building process.

Consumer Research

We determine motivators, as well as disincentives that face your target demographic. We want to know what makes your intended consumer/user tick.

Technology Build Planning

We analyze all the possible technologies that could accomplish your objectives, in order to identify the most optimal solution that balances costs with benefits.

Product Development

We collaborate with you to develop the best possible product for your target market. We want you to feel confident in what you’re selling.

Business Model Validation

We construct a blueprint for a monetization strategy that makes sense. Whether it is upon launch or planned for the future, we want to make sure you make money.

Logistical/Operational Planning

We formulate an operational/logistical flow that will lay the foundation for how your business will operate. It is super important we get the foundation right, so we can build upon it for years to come.


Sketching allows you to explore all possible directions that we can take in terms of the flow and design. We sketch collaboratively as a team to solve UI problems and brainstorm various aesthetic concepts.

Wireframe Construction

This is the time to digitize. Once we’ve sketched through a few concepts ideas and created a flow, now would be the time to architect down to the details of the UI. Think layout!

Mockup Design

This is Where it all comes to life. Taking the initial framework we devised and skinning it into a living, breathing design that is dynamic.

Front-End Responsive Development

We develop the user interface and make sure it looks good on all screen sizes from desktop to smart phone.

Back-End Construction

We construct a back-end infrastructure that works well and that uses a code-base which can be built upon for years to come. To us, code quality is everything.

Mockup Design

We design the look and feel of the user interface that will resonate with our target personas.

User Testing

We bring early versions (protoypes) of your product to users and analyze responses that will inform new iterations of designs to optimize user flows.

Device Testing

We test your product on a wide breadth of devices and screen sizes so that we can make sure that there is a consisent user experience across most platforms.

Beta Testing

We beta test your product to ensure that all the moving pieces are working together in harmony.

And finally the day arrives where the final product is unleashed into the world. This is truly the beginning of a longterm relationship with Fresh.