Fresh | Digital Design and Software Development in NYC

We work with you from concept through launch, and yes, we can implement any digital solution.


Who is the ideal Fresh Client


Adding a new feature set, but don’t want to disrupt the existing User Experience? Seamless evolution is key.


Need a Minimum Viable Product? Well you’ve come to the right place. We are masters of the art of the start.

Think Tanks

We are entrepreneurs and can’t help but help other collectives and think tanks realize their innovative ideas.

Non Profits

Part of our mission is to contribute, and give back. We are delighted to have that privilege by working with non-profits.

Our process is a recipe of success

We create experiences that delight. Just add a pinch of empathy, a drizzle of usability and build with the future in mind.

Research MVP

Ready to explore an idea or concept? We’ll work with you to assess the right MVP (minimum viable product) against the competitive landscape.

Build & Iterate

We design, we build, we blow it all up to start again. It’s iterative. This allows us to get to the most optimized solution. The freedom to fail!

Test & Iterate

Fail fast and fail cheaply. We prototype, we test, we get feedback as we refine the minimum viable product to create a bigger splash at launch.

Our Track Record

$50 MM

For our clients

100 M

Acquired users





Some fresh folks we've collaborated with...